Monday, February 25, 2008


Welp, it's official - Lilah is baptized! And it was awesome. I just want to say that I LOVE the baptism sacrament at our church! Rev. Cindy did a wonderful job - my favorite part is when the entire family and congregation take the vows with the parents.

And the vows that Brady and I took were just perfect. "Do you believe that Lilah has God-given talents that are unique to her?"

Yes! Yes!

"Do you vow to bring Lilah up in the Christian faith?"

Yes again!

I don't think I stopped nodding through all the questions :)

Anyways, Lilah was an angel, of course - and the party went well. We had a great turn out of mostly family and a few friends. The perfect group to share such an occasion with.

Lilah got some great gifts - among them a handmade necklace from my folks, a personalized "Lilah" pillow from her Great-Aunt Mary Kay, and the SWEETEST bib set ever, made for her by her Aunt Casi. My favorite bib was the little weiner-dog with the bell on his collar.

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