Monday, September 15, 2008

Babies and chocolate.

No sonogram pictures to share :(

Brady and I went to the appointment and decided to wait another month for the sono because we couldn't agree on whether or not to learn the gender of our unborn child. I am dying to know (although I've always said I wanted surprises) and Brady is a rock - he doesn't want to know, and he's not budging.

Now, Mommies back me up here if you agree. I am a pretty firm believer in the theory that the person carrying the babe has more pull in the decisions made regard it. Right? For instance, if a name cannot be agreed upon, Mommy gets final decision. Or, if Mom and Dad can't come to terms with the gender-revealing issue, it's up to Mom. OR, if Mom wants chocolate Frosties for dinner while Dad wants burgers, you better bet that the baby is getting some brain freeze :)

And speaking of chocolate...

How awesome does that look. Anybody want to make my day?!?! Now you know how! Recipe here and Bakerella's version here. WIpe the drool from your face!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whew, that was a long post.

Haven't posted lately cause I've been extra busy. Last weekend, we threw my folks a surprise party in honor of my Mom's 50th birthday and their 30th wedding anniversary. Lots of work to get it all pulled together without them finding out, but in the end, we did it. We had about 100 people show up to surprise them, and it definitely worked!

Anyways, the point is, I've been busy lately, but not busy blogging! So, this is going to be a very long run-on post. Sorry :)

Ok, where to start? How about here:

So, this is probably old news for many people, but I had to include anyways. This sonogram is very old - we are having another tomorrow, and maybe I'll update soon. Baby is due February 12 which makes me almost halfway there!

Here are some photos from our Labor Day getaway we took to Grand Lake. Went with some friends - Kelly, Sarah and Bo Kaiser.

A weenie-roast we had with my family a while back. The kids loved being outside by the fire and, more importantly, the swingset :)
For the party, my sister-in-law, Jenny, and I made 's cupcake bites. So fun! I would recommend this project to anybody who loves chocolate, sprinkles and has a little patience :)

The party was a blast to plan and even more fun to enjoy. We had hor'doerves and drinks and a dance. I think everybody had a great time - I know my feet were sore the next day! I had just started to be able to feel the baby move - and the loud music and dancing got the little one going!

My parent's - 30 years ago!! Check out that suit on Rick!

Table decorations.

My brother gave a very emotional (ha) speech and we all toasted to 30 more years!

My parent's wedding party! How cute is that?!?

Me and my brother.

My nephew enjoying one of our cake bites.

I didn't have many great pics from that night because in typical Kylie-fashion, I took my camera, but no batteries!

I'll wrap this up with some pictures of Miss Lilah, who is doing all kinds of cute things these days like dancing to "Ring around the Rosie" and wearing her hair in a ponytail!!! She also did something really crazy this weekend - she slept until NOON yesterday! That made 16 hours of sleep in one night! We couldn't believe it and kept going in to check on her, but she was snoozing away.

Okay, I promise not to get so behind again! (Ya, right.)