Monday, February 18, 2008

In the name of the...

This upcoming weekend is Lilah's baptism and the celebration of it. After much discussion between Brady and I regarding when we should baptize Lilah, we have finally come to a conclusion. The date is set. We've met with the preacher and sorted out all the details. I bought her an adorable little dress (okay, TWO adorable little dress - I just couldn't decide).

For weeks now, I've been practice-singing the traditional baptism song to Lilah:
Lilah, Lilah, God Claims You
God helps you, protects you, and loves you too.
We this day do all agree, that in God's eyes, you'll always be.

Ok, now don't quote me on those lyrics - but I LOVE that song. And, conveniently, so does Lilah! I think she likes hearing her name in it. Plus, it's better than the "I see you're hynie" tune that I was singing before this.

Anyways, in preparation for the celebration, I've been having some fun. It all started with these great damask paper plates/cups/napkins that I picked up at Wally World a long time ago on a great discount. I thought some day I'd use them when one of my girlfriends needed a bridal shower, but alas, this came first.

I loved the colors mostly, but also the pretty pattern. So I decided to make this a theme for the baptism party and have been working on some fun decorations to match:

These little picks are for the (chocolate, or course) cupcakes that are yet to be made. Found the idea on flickr.

And I'm not quite sure where the garland is going to go, but thought it seemed fun anyways.

Anyways, we are getting very excited for the festivities this weekend - especially because we get to see all our nieces and nephews from out of town. We've been telling Lilah what a special day this is and even took her to the church service last week instead of leaving her in the nursery. I think she's excited too :)

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  1. Aha! That's the ultimate reason for having baptism at 10 months versus 2 weeks--a graphically designed posh party! Brilliant! That is much better than two sleep deprived parents dragging a newborn to church for an important ceremony they won't remember due to the insomnia. After which, they return home to the frenzied life they'd left just a few hours prior. . . never getting to visit with their guests, let alone show them hospitality for their efforts in coming to the blessed event. . .



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