Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A weekend of fishing. Not my favorite hobby, but combined with beautiful weather and an awesome lake, I can tolerate it. My dad always refers to it as "wishing" - and I'm guessing that's symbolic of his fishing skills. We did some wishing AND a little fishing at Milford Lake this weekend with Brady's family. Most of them are pretty hardcore fisherman (especially compared to me), so I mostly hung with the kids, soaked in a little Vitamin D and took some pictures.

This is Brady and his dad, Chuck tormenting our nephew Jonas with slimy fish. He takes it pretty well.

Our neice, Corinne, was also more interested in other activities like me (i.e. eating graham crackers)

Graham did decent on the boat, considering how bad it must suck to wear a life jacket when your body is proportioned as his is. All that foam up in your grill cannot be comfortable. And, to add salt to the wound, we forgot the poor kid's pacifier back at shore, so in a moment of desperation, we let him suck on the nipple from his bottle. He didn't seem to mind, but from then on we got to listen to a high-pitched squeaking/sucking sound. Cute and irritating at the same time.

Towards the second half of the day, the kids started dropping like flies:

Silas slept on the floor.

Jonas in a chair.

And Graham and Lilah got the two best napping spots on the boat.

My favorite part of this trip is a bowl of fresh fish in my fridge right now just waiting to be cooked and eaten. Not that I had any hand in that. But I guess my wishin' paid off.

Now for a couple recent shots of my cuties. Pretty crazy that the picture of Lilah in a stocking hat and sweatshirt was only taken a week ago, and this weekend she had her swimming suit on. Gotta love Kansas weather.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mousey Birthday.

Yesterday was my Lilah's second birthday and we have spent the weekend celebrating. We started her day with pancakes at iHop, a gigantic Minnie Mouse balloon at Party City, and many hours of playing on her new swingset/playgym that Brady built for her. He just finished it yesterday, so the timing was perfect. She happily went up the ladder and down the slide a million times, each time saying "one more time!" Today we had some family over to celebrate the occasion. In honor of her favorite person in the entire world, Mickey Mouse, I attempted a Mickey-themed cake.

I am by no means an experience cake-decorator, so be warned. I'm sure could have been improved in the technique category, but I had fun making it! (Kinda sounds like an American Idol contestant after Ryan Secrest asks how they think they did.)

Anyways, here are some pictures from the party.

The below three photos show three separate times that Lilah was caught attempting to get into the cake/candy.

Graham was a trooper throughout the party. Such a good baby these days. (And how cute are his little plaid shorts? Not many people can pull of stripes and plaids, but he does!)

Brady's labor of love:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More handmade.

Reading the Sunday paper, I came across a listing for this:

I think I'll try to go! Hafta support local handmade artists ya know!