Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the winner is...

Baby Graham!

I entered Graham (and the quilt that I made him) into a cutest kid contest that was being held by Jackie Clark Designs. AND WE WON!! I am super excited (because of the prize) and super proud (because of all the work that went into the baby AND the quilt)!!

I've never really won much of anything before. My dad won a truck once. Seriously, a no-strings-attached brand new Dodge truck. All he did was buy a $10 raffle ticket from some kid! That was a few years ago and he still drives it to this day! The most that I can claim winning was a t-shirt from Hank's Brewery in Cheney. All I had to do was walk in the door and drink a beer (or seven). Then they drew my ticket number out of the bowl - and I was pretty excited, let me tell ya!

Oh, and last month at Bunco, I won a prize - a cool pair of socks and a nifty note pad, which still makes me proud to write on. (And believe, winning Bunco is nothing to be proud of. There is ZERO amount of skill involved.)

Why is it that winning prizes is so fun??


  1. congrats! love that quilt

    winning is super fun! I love it, doesn't happen to me often either

  2. Those (Graham and your quilt) are both something to be proud of. Congrats!

  3. Yay! How exciting - congrats! The quilt is gorgeous and Mr. Graham is so cute!!

  4. Gotta love winning! :) And Graham and the quilt are total winners..yea for the gift card!!!

  5. Very cool - congrats on your big win! Both well deserved. G is a handsome guy and the quilt is so pretty!


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