Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love this!

This place, Relish, basically takes your preferences, budget and needs into consideration and generates a menu each week for you, complete with a shopping list and recipes/instructions.

What an AWESOME concept. What more can I say??? Who has time to plan, shop for groceries and cook every night after work??? This is an awesome service, with a low price tag. And I always get in a rut and get frustrated when I get home and have to think of something to make. Plus, I enjoy cooking so much more when I am trying a new recipe. I guess I just feel like making the same thing over and over again doesn't do much for my mind. And I love the planned shopping list thing - I am SUCH an impulse buyer at the the grocery store, which doesn't do much for our budget.

I think I'll try the one-week free trial next week and see how it goes...

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