Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy birthday to me.

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. I think the older you get, the faster time flies by. Especially when you start watching your own kids grow. 

Anyways, I always try to stay positive when my birthday comes around. I've got a lot to be thankful for, so why should another year make me sad? I decided to compile a list of 27 things that make me happy:

1. Catching a great smile from my kids on camera. Sadly, this doesn't happen often enough.
2. The song Sideways, by Dierks Bentley + the fact that Lilah calls it by name within the first few beats.
3. The BBQ grill. It can make anything taste good. And how fun is it to hang out on the deck while your man is cooking you dinner?
4. Diet coke.
5. My big, gigantic king-size bed. I love being a grown-up and having such a great place to rest.
6. The three days in July each year when I get to be three years younger than my husband.
8. Jumping in my car and being just minutes away from the home I grew up in. Feels so right.
9. Lynchberg Lemonade. 
10. The notes my husband leaves me on the counter in the morning before I even wake up. Simple and sweet.
11. Lakes. Swimming, boating, skiing, floating, etc. Such a great way to spend some downtime. Water is so soothing.
12. The fact that my husband and I share a dream of living on a lake someday.
13. Stationary. Love the tradition of handwriting notes on beautiful paper. Makes me sad that it is a lost art.
14. Medium-sized styrofoam Sonic cups. Perfect for a wide range of drinks (see #4 and #9). They don't sweat all over the table + they keep my drink super cold.
15. Sunflower seeds - a lifelong weakness. When we were kids, my brother used to tell me that I'd never find a husband because of all the sunflower seed chewing/spitting I used to do. Good thing he was wrong! 
16. Dropping my kiddos off to daycare at their Aunt Jenny's. They love it and I know she loves them. What a blessing. (Hope she feels the same way!)
17. My Mac. When it's behaving.
18. A good sunburn. I know that one's kinda weird, but I just love the way you feel after a day in the sun. Isn't there a vitamin you get from the sun? Vitamin K or something? Maybe they named that after me :)
19. Fabric stores. I love all the colors and textures in rows and piles. I could shop all day. Usually buy some just for the hell of it. Leaving me with stacks of fabric at home and no time to do anything with it.
20. The feeling after a good workout. Or even a not-so-good workout. When have you ever left the gym and thought "man, I wish I hadn't done that"?
21. The blue eyes that my husband has, and my children have inherited. (It's why I married him.)
22. The hot dog dance. If you know what this is, you would get along with my daughter. And when Lilah's happy, I'm happy.
23. A Lot Like Love. Or any good romantic film. But this one in particular always leaves me with a smile.
24. The way that Graham's smile gradually appears on his face. I love the transition. Seems so honest.
25. Bud Lime
26. Traditions. For instance, my family's annual trip to Beaver Lake. Bunco on the second Tuesday of every month. Grey's Anatomy every Thursday night with my friend, Linds. Burger Binge at work every Wednesday at lunch. There is something about that predictability and commitment that feels so reassuring. 
27. And of course, this blog! A great place for me to air my thoughts and feel like somebody's listening. Thanks!

Hope something on that list left you with a smile! 

Here's to 27 more years.


  1. Great list! Vitamin D, BTW. And Sonic cups with Sonic ice — that's the right stuff.

  2. Happy Birthday Kylie!!!
    I laughed at the sunflower seed! Whether it was Mr. Bulky's or the gas station by our house, you were ALWAYS buying seeds.
    I never liked them 'til I met you :)

  3. Hope the birthday was perfect!! Love the list. Look forward to celebrating with you this week. :)


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