Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talented hands.

Since Graham was born, he has received many wonderful gifts. Of course, we love and appreciate them all, but the ones that will always hold a special place in my heart are the handmade ones. I love to make and give handmade gifts and am even more delighted to receive them! We have some really talented friends and family that you can always count on to bring a little handmade something to Christmas and birthdays, etc. Totally unique and usually custom or personalized, the handcrafted gifts my kiddos receive almost always end up in their keepsake boxes after they outgrown them, etc. I still have some of my handmade quilts and blankies from when I was a child and Lilah even sleeps with an old quilt my Grandma made for me.

Below are some of the highlights:

This "G" onesie was made by my husband's Aunt Mary Kay. She actually made him several monogrammed items, including a super-soft blanket and a couple burp clothes. She made similar gifts for Lilah and we still use the blanket every day, two years later.

The above four images are of a set of onesies that my sister-in-law, Micah, made for Graham. A fellow designer, like me, she has talent coming out of her ears! These personalized onesies are some of my favorite clothes Graham has! Each one is painstakingly hand-stitched. (She has made Lilah a few personalized shirts as well that you may remember.)

Not the best photo of it, but this is a quilt that was made by my mom, my SIL Jenny and my Great Aunt Nonie. They all worked together to make this for Graham and my favorite part is that it is signed on the back by all three. When Jenny was pregnant with Eva, we decided to start a tradition of all working together to make each baby a quilt. (This is Eva's.)

This quilt was made by my very talented BFF, Michelle. She just learned to quilt in the last six months or so (with me as her fearless leader, so she deserves a lot of credit) and surprised us with this beautiful KSU quilt. She has become a quilt-making fool these days, which works out perfect since we have so many friends having babies lately!

This sweet blanket was crocheted by another sister-in-law of mine, Casi. This is the second blanket that she has made for us, the first was for Lilah (see below). Casi is another on the list of my ├╝ber-talented family. She also made Lilah this great pillow that we keep in front of the big TV for her to snuggle up with. Casi is pregnant right now with her first child (a girl!) and I am looking forward to making the little sweetie something as well...

This shot shows the other blanket Casi made (for Lilah), plus the adorable hat that I bought off Etsy. Not familiar with Etsy? You should be!! A perfect place to get handmade gifts if you are not so-inclined.

And this shows a simple little pillow that I stitched for Graham before he was born.

The two shots above actually show the blanket that I made Graham. It's a super-simple pattern by Jackie Clark - perfect for anybody just getting started in quilting.

And what would be a blog post without this chick? I am counting down my maternity-leave days that I have left with her and Graham. Next week marks 12 weeks and I am back in the office.

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  1. I really LOVE those shirts Micah made...wow! And Miss Lilah is oozing with 'tude in that pic!! Enjoy your last few days with the kiddos....see ya' Saturday!!


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