Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wanted to share a couple of the great handmade gifts that Lilah got for Christmas:

This is from her Aunt Micah - and she loves to wear it. Next to Mickey Mouse, ducks are her favorite animal. She loves to stand at the back windows of our house and quack at the ducks she sees there.

And this soft little bunny was made by Lilah's Great-great Aunt Nonie. Very sweet. Lilah snuggles with it at night. I'm sorta jealous and want an adult size one to snuggle with too ;)

Yes, I am still pregnant, and here's some recent proof. As of midnight tonight, I am at 37 weeks. Not quite 40, but I guess it will have to do. Hopefully we will have baby news SOON! Seems like I have lots of buds popping up pregnant lately, so ours will be in good company soon!

And, I am officially done with the baby's quilt! He/she can come any day now and we are 100% prepared! (Okay, that's an exaggeration) This quilt is a Jackie Clark pattern and made mostly with scrap fabrics I had left over. This is my second quilt to make gender neutral, so I had lots of leftovers from the first that fit right in.

This is a shot of my Bunco group, which celebrated its one-year anniversary last week! We were sad to be losing two of our members. One of my best buds, Michelle, broke the news that she accepted a job in Topeka and is leaving us! I will miss her very much - and she is darting off very quickly, not even sticking around to see the arrival of baby no. 2.

And, last but not lease, thanks to this nice weather, we have been able to take Lilah on a few walks and to the park lately. She had forgotten how fun that is and is totally into it. I'm pumped because she is tall enough to climb the stairs by herself now, which means less bending over and picking up for uber-pregnant Momma.


  1. Really sweet handmade gifts Miss Lilah recieved. The baby quilt is beautiful - nice work my friend. Can't believe it's almost time!

  2. You never know....maybe you will have that baby while I am still a Wichita resident...just have to have he/she before 39 1/2 weeks; you can do it! :)


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