Monday, September 15, 2008

Babies and chocolate.

No sonogram pictures to share :(

Brady and I went to the appointment and decided to wait another month for the sono because we couldn't agree on whether or not to learn the gender of our unborn child. I am dying to know (although I've always said I wanted surprises) and Brady is a rock - he doesn't want to know, and he's not budging.

Now, Mommies back me up here if you agree. I am a pretty firm believer in the theory that the person carrying the babe has more pull in the decisions made regard it. Right? For instance, if a name cannot be agreed upon, Mommy gets final decision. Or, if Mom and Dad can't come to terms with the gender-revealing issue, it's up to Mom. OR, if Mom wants chocolate Frosties for dinner while Dad wants burgers, you better bet that the baby is getting some brain freeze :)

And speaking of chocolate...

How awesome does that look. Anybody want to make my day?!?! Now you know how! Recipe here and Bakerella's version here. WIpe the drool from your face!


  1. Of COURSE the Mom gets more say - afterall last time I checked the Dad didn't have to give up his body for 9 months to home the growing baby! :)

    And, wow - that chocolate cake looks so decadent!

  2. You're so funny Miss Gamer Queen! I'm so pumped about your two posts in a row!! That cake does look awesome....good luck figuring out the gender knowledge battle, even though we already know what baby is. :)


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