Monday, November 10, 2008

Made for walkin'.

Lilah's new pink boots. Can't get enough of her wearing them. Whenever she sees them, she immediately wants them on her feet and lets us know by repeating "butz" over and over. Pretty stinkin' cute.

And here she is looking through photo albums. One of her favorite activities - which she refers to as "wread-ing". She absolutely loves seeing herself in photos, even baby pics. She thumbs through the album of the day of her birth over and over. Do you think she really understand that the tiny little baby is really her? She sure seems to. She points to the the little swaddled sweetie and says "Li-lah!". Wonder what she's going to think of this new little baby...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or treat.

How much would you love to open your door up to this?

Lilah was a candy corn for Halloween this year - and boy was she sure sweet. No pun intended :) I actually made her costume, which turned out to be no big deal. Pretty simple.

We finally got to carve our pumpkins a day or two before the holiday. My creative juices weren't flowing that night, so the designs were pretty simple.

Lilah was not too sure what to think of the pumpkin guts. I couldn't even get her to stick her hand in.

And a couple cute ones to top it off.